My Story

I began my growth journey many years ago at around 17 years old. Undergoing tremendous amount of anxiety and depression without understanding where it came from. I felt lost and hopeless at times without recognizing that many others were facing the same feelings as I was. I sought out answers and understanding through literature because I remember a very young age, my grandmother telling me:

“In your life, there will be trouble and pain, but the answers are written down in literature.”

Come to find its the truth. Think of the millions of authors who have gone through trauma, misfortune, loss, grief, addictions, anxiety/depression, failures, and so on. They have shared their stories and ways of overcoming themselves with us!

Over the past ten years, I have been motivated to build businesses and build relationships with many people globally. I have a commercial Property management company, Trade avidly in the binary and stock market, and so on. But those are not my passions. Personal growth is! In all fields of life and sharing them with you! Physical Health, Mental Health, Financial Health, Spiritual Health, and Emotional health are the 5 Pillars I strive to grow on daily.

As part of my personal growth practices, I write these articles and share them with you.

Hi, I’m Johnathan

I’m a passionate Blogger, Health Enthusiast, Mental Health Advocate and Digital Entrepreneur.